Mural Art Resource Guide

The contemporary mural phenomenon in Washington, DC began in 1968. My students walk past these elaborate murals every day as they come to school. One in particular is on the corner of Randal and Alabama Avenue in Washington, DC by Michael Hammond. They brought to me the questions: Who did this artwork? Can we do stuff like this too? Mr. Hill, how come you tell us about the paintings that are in the museums and we make art that is based off of that but you don’t tell us about the paintings that we see every day in our own neighborhood? They all had valid points. Because mural art is not a part of the mainstream curriculum and is not a part of the scope and sequence that is presented by DC Public Schools. Contemporary mural painting in Washington, DC is simply not taught. The focus of my capstone project was to document the history of mural art in Washington, DC and create a resource guide for art educators to assist them in including mural art as a component in their curriculum.

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Above Image: Unity (2008) Michael Hammond, Washington, DC