Funeral Announcement

Hello it is with deepest heartfelt condolences that I inform you about the death of our beloved friend and well known Mrs 2017. She is survived by her 12 husbands , 52 children and 365 grand children. The funeral will take place on Sunday December 31 at 11:59pm. For more information contact Pastor January on his cell number 01 01 2018.

She asked me to inform you that she died with ALL your problems, sickness, disappointments, frustrations, untimely deaths, shame, disgrace, discouragement, failures, pain and rejection.

Her successor - Mrs. 2018 asked me to inform you that she is going to compensate you with: Long life, good health, abundant blessings, love, peace, joy, righteousness, promotion, uplifting, breakthrough, supernatural miracles, wealth and prosperity.

HE came to Bless you... receive your Blessing... Happy New Year!