Year 18 is in the Books (almost)

For years I was chasing dollars and staying in my comfort zone. When I leaped off the edge and left DCPS for Charles County, I realized 2 things. One, money is not everything. As a family we made some adjustments and in fact we have come out on top. And two, I can teach and push my students and not just a talented few of them but I can push them all. They want to learn, They want to be creative and They actually have a love and appreciation for the arts and what the arts can do.

And NOT ONCE have I heard anyone tell me, if you don't want to be here, you can be replaced; in fact folks want want me here. And above all I feel valued by my colleagues and administration.

What do I miss, I miss some of the opportunities that were afforded to me as a DC Teacher. Free trips and workshops for me and my students. The living breathing museum, that is called Washington, DC. However, working with NPG (National Portrait Gallery) I know that I can bring the museum to them and vise versa. Not having on going professional development, I will have to rely on my virtual kitchen cabinet for lesson ideas and tid bits to get me through.

As Asa Daniels always says, "this is not my first rodeo and will not be my last ride."