28th for 40th

At number 28 on my 40 in 40 year bucket list was to share with the world my art. It's neither the answer nor the end, but rather the beginning, and only one step along the way, a single line on my resume. This is a constant work in progress. some are going to ask why did I start bryanhillart.com: I can only really say, "because I can, could and did" I used to draw because I enjoyed it and was good at it. It was something I did for myself. Now that I'm teaching others how to create and express themselves, I have other reasons. I still do it for myself; in fact, now I take it as a challenge to make each painting better than the last. But I'm also doing it to share with others. Maybe it's a little narcissistic, but I like it when people say, "wow, you did that?" I also live in a house full of women, and my drawing time is my me-time, a time where I can unwind and decompress. It keeps me sane.