What began as a personal journey of discovery of what are real life necessities beyond the typical: water, food, shelter and clothing. My search translated into images of hands that encompass ALL people to question their uses. Hands are the most needed and essential body part they allow for communication, manipulation, security and on an occasion a tasty treat for a baby.

What's more appealing that a straight line. Straight lines describe the simple pages of my life. They allow for an expanded meaning of a complex life, made simple.
A line is a dot out for a walk. ~Paul Klee

Through my teaching, I have been afforded multiple opportunities to showcase my work and the work of my students. In recent years, I have focused on the work of my students, whose work has been displayed in airports, National Galleries, courtrooms and other municipal building in and around our Nation’s Capital. I currently spend my time teaching the students of Washington DC so that they may be afforded the opportunities to express themselves and communicate their innermost feelings through the imagery that they can conjure up.